What is Time Blocking? Who’s Doing It? Should I?

It seems like everywhere I go online I keep hearing about “time blocking,” from those that have perfected their perfect day and taken back some of their time, to those struggling to figure out where to start. Personally, I feel like I have always had a pretty good handle on time management, but I was intrigued by the idea of how could I be more efficient. As an independent contractor without a time clock to punch or stringent hours to follow it would be easy to have a nonproductive day and that is why I had to create myself a routine from day one. However, I had to stop and ask myself am I as efficient as I could be?

I must say I am thankful for those who have shared wisdom into how they have planned their ideal day and are rocking the “time blocking” method. Here is what I have learned from my short period of time doing “time blocking.”

1. Stop trying to be the pro of multi-tasking. Yep this one was hard for me; in fact I have bragged a time or two on my multi-tasking skills. Scheduling out my day with blocks of times to tackle certain tasks has not only reduced my need to multi-task it has allowed me to have more focus while doing those tasks.

2. Prioritize- When setting up my blocks of time I started with those important tasks first. Things I knew were time sensitive. Not sure where to start? How about setting up a time for items that are urgent and have to be done first, followed by less urgent items that can be scheduled. Ask yourself about those less important tasks, can you be delegating those?

3. Avoid Time Sucking Activities- There is always going to be something out there to distract you from social media, random phone calls, email alerts to the rabbit hole you can jump down on YouTube. No matter what, the key is to avoid these time sucking activities. If you can’t avoid these things set up a time block for them.

4. You have to put it on the schedule- Plain and simple if it isn’t written on your schedule it doesn’t exist.

The goal is to work smarter, not harder. Of course, things will come up and a perfect day filled with time blocks may not go as planned, but don’t worry there is always tomorrow to start over.

What does your calendar look like each day? Do you have set time set aside for personal growth, lead generation, marketing your business, reaching past clients? If not, consider investing in your business by outsourcing some tasks.

I would love to hear your tips on how you are “time blocking” your day.

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

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