What Really Can A Virtual Assistant Do For Your Real Estate Business?

If you’re a busy real estate agent that no longer has time in your day to do things you enjoy doing, or time to focus on what you do best… selling houses, it’s time to get some help. But, where do you start?

First, decide if you are looking for an employee or if hiring a virtual assistant would be better for your business. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Do I really need someone in the office 40 hours a week? Do I have enough work to keep someone busy a full 40 hours a week? If not, a virtual assistant may be a better option.

2. Do I have the funds available to pay an employee full time as well as pay their taxes and offer benefits? If not consider hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant that is a contractor will be responsible for paying all taxes, meaning you will not pay employment tax. Also, no benefits are offered to contract employees.

3. Do I have the time to oversee every task an employee does? A virtual assistant is skilled in the areas you need and with a little direction can easily begin working on a task quickly. There should not be a large learning curve or training needed with an experienced virtual assistant.

4. But what tasks can a virtual assistant do? You will find that a virtual assistant can do nearly every task an in-house admin can do. Most real estate agents use virtual assistants to perform listing management tasks, marketing, database management, transaction coordination, graphic design, website updates, content writing, implementing systems, client follow up, and the list could go on.

5. Can I afford a virtual assistant? It may seem that a virtual assistant may be more expensive than hiring an employee, but do the math. When hiring a virtual assistant you are not responsible for the overhead an employee brings. That means no commitment for 40 hours a week of pay, no benefits, no supplying the equipment to do the job, no paying of employment taxes, not as much oversight, and no paying for downtime.

Changing the way we do things can be scary, and the idea of having to take the time to make the change can be daunting. However, you may find it was the best change you could have made for your business.

We suggest if you do decide to work with a virtual assistant that you take things slow. Sure you could benefit from every service they offer and you are ready to go all in, but we have found jumping all in with every service tends to make for one stressed out real estate agent to get things going.

Go slowly building every two weeks or monthly. Make sure the first service is moving smoothly and both you and your virtual assistant are comfortable with how you would like the process to run.

Photo by Georgie Cobbs on Unsplash

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